Friday, October 28, 2011

Keep your tan all year long...

I will pick a sunless tan over a traditional bake in the sun any day!

Baking in the sun is becoming less and less popular with all the premature aging and skin damage that we've been seeing. We're also coming into the cooler months and laying out is just not going to be as much fun, so what do we do if we want to keep that warm color? Here  are a couple alternatives:

Spray Tan- go to your spa or salon and get a professional spray tan. This is probably the best way to go for the most even all over color. Your technician is able to spray you without missing a spot or creating streaks. Spas and salons also offer exfoliation before your spray tan for a more even, longer lasting look.

Sunless-Tanning Products or Bronzers- there are lots of different products that you can use all year long to keep your skins warm color. Whether you choose a bronzer or self tanner knowing how to apply it is key. Make sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and dry. Apply a little petroleum jelly or oil to your nails and cuticles to prevent them from staining. When applying self tanner to your face apply a little eye cream under your eyes, the skin under your eyes should always be a little lighter than the rest of your face to prevent the dark circle look. If you prefer your face to be lighter than the rest of your body, mix equal parts tanner and moisturizer for a lighter application, and remember your ears!

An important note: self-tanners and bronzers are not sunblocks! When out in the sun you should use sunblock over your self tanner. Also keep in mind when you use bronzer apply your sunblock first then your bronzer makeup. 

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