Monday, November 7, 2011

Make the Most of your Clarisonic Cleansing SkinCare System with Tips from Zuly

The Clarisonic is a great tool to keep your skin clean and cells stimulated. Don't be fooled by other facial brushes that claim to do the same. The Clarisonic is the best, others try to imiate the product but in the end Clarisonic is the one with the best technology and attention to detail.

Here are a few tips on how to use it:

Avoid using cleansers with granules, those granules get stuck in the  bristles and could create bacteria. The Clarisonic can be used with milky, creamy or sudsy cleansers.

The Clarisonic is completely submersible so, go ahead use it in the shower, I find this to be a very convenient feature.

Don't press too hard while using your Clarisonic, it's not going to work any better if you press hard. The Clarisonic is designed not to damage skin. The brush oscillates which means it goes back and forth instead of going all the way around and if you press too hard the brush stops moving to prevent damage to your skin.

The Clarisonic runs for 2 minutes at a time and beeps every 20 seconds letting you know when it's time for you to move section.

Clarisonic has different brush heads to choose from for delicate to oily congested skin types.

Give your brush head a soak once a week in some water with a little bleach, to keep it clean. The bristles aren't porous so they don't hold bacteria. I find keeping my Clarisonic clean to be rather easy.

Men! Use the Clarisonic daily and you'll start to notice a smoother shave and less ingrown hairs.

Try the Clarisonic Skin Care System on your next visit to the Spa at PGA National!

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  1. Zuly! I was just thinking about buying one! Great advice, thank you so much. Very timely!