Monday, January 16, 2012

Your New Years Resolution!

I've been getting asked a lot lately about how products should be used when it comes to skincare and what the usage sequence should be? Lots of New Year resolutions involve taking better care of yourself and that includes better skin care. So around this time of year I get asked lots of questions like "what should I use?", " How should I use it?" and "why should I use it?"
Cleansers are always first if you wear makeup use a milky cleanser to remove your make up first, then follow it with a sudsy cleanser if you enjoy that squeaky clean feeling, if not...use the milky cleanser a second time. Clarisonic is suggested for the second cleanse!!

Toners are typically used second, they're meant to balance your PH after cleansing so your skin is prepared to accept your serums and creams. Tone after exfoliating and masks. Toners are meant to be left on so it is a  a waste to tone before steps you need to rinse.

Instead exfoliation should be your second step and probably one of the most important steps! Getting rid of dry layers is key for your serums and creams to work properly. Exfoliate as often as your skin can tolerate and make sure it's the proper exfoliant! I recommend a fine grain scrub for everyday use that you can keep in the shower for convenience.

Your final step, finishing, should be applied in order of thinnest to thickest : toner (waterey), serum (usually thin in consistency), eye cream and moisturizer (usually creamy and thicker in consistency).

Sunblock always important and should always be applied last and right before makeup.

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