Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product of the Week: Epicuren Discovery's Aromatherapy Body cream

Epicuren Discovery's Aromatherapy Body cream is water soluble and adds an effective ease of stroke, allowing for better skin acceptance. The combination of exceptional aroma oil blends, with a superior quality massage oil and world famous Epicuren Skin Treat lotion with protein, enzymes, antioxidants and emollients gives the skin a vital penetration treatment. At the same time it receives the tissue stimulation from the experienced hands of a licensed massage therapist. A unique blend of Epicuren skin treat emulsion and aromatherapy oil, this blend of massage oil in a creamy lotion consistency is the ultimate luxurious massage oil/lotion.
Use in place of massage oil. Skin must be thoroughly bathed prior to the massage. 50/50 Massage Cream, when purchased unscented, can be completely customized by blending it with your favorite essential oil(s).
Aromatic essential oils include:
Papaya Pineapple: Exfoliates, stimulates and invigorates. Papaya and pineapple enzymes naturally smooths and softens the skin.
Orange Blossom: Orange Blossom and Neroli are rich in bioflavenoids, bioavailable vitamin C, and antioxidants. Orange Blossom helps fight free radicals and provides superior hydration.
Wake-Up Rosemary: Tones, stimulates circulation and promotes mental alertness with the true essence of rosemary.
Unscented: Great for persons with sensititvity and it's also great as a carrier oil, to use with essential oils and extracts such as peppermint extract.

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