Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tips from an expert on Wedding Day make up

Wendy, the bride asks: "Should my makeup be my everyday look or should I do bolder colors on my wedding day?"
Alejandro Falcon, Celebrity MakeUp Artist

For this question I consulted my good friend nationally known makeup artist, Alejandro Falcon, who has worked with celebrities like Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Christy Turlington just to name a few! Alejandro's answer to Wendy's question was:  

"Well it has to be bolder and a little more intense than everyday for pictures sake. Also more definition on the eye shape and lashes should be full or add on fakes. Water Proof eyeliner and mascara should be a must. A little bronzer before blush is great and a lipstick that looks deeper than flesh tone is awesome. If she's showing decollate then a body lotion or slight bronzer can look good to make it look healthy."

Other things brides need to keep in mind when starting to plan their wedding day:

•If you are unhappy with your skin and want to begin a new regimen with the goal of changing your skin you should start that 6 months prior to your wedding day, to allow proper change to take place. By starting early you will also know how your skin will react to treatment and getting a facial close to your wedding day won't be as scary and will actually give your makeup a nice canvas.

• All waxing should be done no later than a week before the wedding day!

• Don't try something new close to your wedding day like a new hair color, hair cut, permanent makeup etc... Leave all that for your new life after the wedding...

In my opinion your wedding day should be an enhancement of who you already are!Congratulations Wendy!!!

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